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God is everywhere. The presence of God can be felt in every little thing around us, be it something as little as a rain drop or a miracle, miracle such as surviving a malignant disease, or fighting through a very tough battle. Once you get through it, you realize how blessed you are and it makes your connection with God and Jesus stronger than ever before. At some point in life, we feel hopeless and need a prayer to save us. We search for salvation and hope. At the end of this exploration; we realize it only resides in the hands of God. You finally see the light at the end of the tunnel once you start believing in God and having a staunch faith in Him. This faith radiates from within you and you wish to spread it. Spiritual Mic is just like that; a tool to spread the light that is within our hearts, a tool to spread the word of God and to enlighten the lives of people from any walk of life.
Spiritual Mic, as the name suggests, aims to be a god-fearing company offering high quality T-shirts to those that love Jesus Christ. We view our self as a partner with God to get his word out. We want to motivate and encourage others through God’s word. This online company brings a large variety of Christian apparel including Christian t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories which are a great source to share your faith in daily life. Such inspirational shirts and apparel are casual to wear every day and help change one life at a time.
So dig up our website and be the ray of Hope. Spread the message of love and unity to everyone around you. Spiritual Mic is your best source of identification and self-discovery. Try it now!
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